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If PistonHeads is truly a broad church, then the latest news and reviews are its daily sermon. It is the job of the editorial team to promptly separate the wheat from the automotive chaff, and see to it that every PHer is kept rigorously up to date. After all, speed matters.
Nic Cackett, Editor of


Want to know what the newest performance cars are actually like to drive? Look no further. PistonHeads has been passing judgment on the best (and worst) the industry has to offer since 1998. You can count on us to be objective, candid and always on the side of the enthusiast.


Being declared a PistonHeads Hero is not easy. Being merely good is not good enough; you really need to have made a permanent dent in the pantheon of the mighty. Many are called, few are chosen. But we know it when we drive one.

Spotted in classifieds

Finding a Spotted is like finding a needle in a giant stack of needles. The PistonHeads classifieds are packed with thousands of worthy performance cars, yet only the most intriguing make the cut. Thank goodness for excellent search filters. And our scrolling addiction.

Buying guides

Buying a car can be a fraught process even for the most experienced enthusiast. But help is at hand with the most comprehensive make/model guides anywhere on the internet. How do we know this? Because we trawl the PistonHeads forums to make them better. You're welcome.


Welcome to PistonHeads. Welcome home. Join in with conversation on the largest online car community in the UK, with more than a million registered members and thousands of posts every day in the PistonHeads forums. If you're new here, start a Readers' Cars thread to introduce yourself.

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