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"Ok so this is going to be a long review, but I encourage you to take the time to read it. At the end of June 2022, we walked into the Camping World of Thornburg solely because they had cheaper prices then dealers around the area. I too had read all the negative reviews and swore I would never purchase from them. But we were in a bind for personal reasons and needed to trade in our 2018 Wildwood. The salesman was nice and professional. We found a smaller Wildwood Xlite that was within our budget and since I had a good experience with my last Wildwood, I jumped on it. Camping World was more than fair on their offer value for my trade, and we went forward with the deal. During this time, our salesman quit for personal reasons, and we were bumped around a little bit, however, we were able to complete the purchase. During our walkthrough, we noticed a few minor things and they addressed it immediately. They even gave us a $100 store gift card because we weren't happy that WE missed the fact the bedroom didn't have a heater vent. We signed all the paperwork and pulled her home. If only we knew just what a nightmare that decision was going to be. Did you know there is no lemon law on campers? Well neither did we! DO NOT BUY a WILDWOOD built in 2022. I personally heard from someone who I will not name at Camping World that they have had nothing but problems after the sale with these Wildwoods. I don't know what the problem is but wow!!! I won’t go through the entire list of things wrong but just to give you an idea; we took it camping a week later and noticed the fridge wasn't cooling like it should, the AC was not cooling the bunkhouse at all, the awning was damaged, and the shower had a big leak onto the floor. We called the corporate office, because I had read reviews of how difficult Camping World in general can be with these types of issues. They were helpful and assigned me a case number and a case worker to assist us with resolution. They had us go back to the dealership where they addressed the issues, they could without having to order parts. They put in a request to order the parts and sent us on our way. The next weekend we camped again and found even more major issues with the camper!! We called corporate back and expressed our desire to trade it back in, drop it off and walk away. The next day, the sales manager called and asked us to come in to see if we could find another camper. When we came back in, we were told by the sales manager to look at a few campers he picked out and not to worry about the sticker price, they were going to make this right even at a loss to them. Well, the initial offer for the trade was $10,000 less then what we bought our camper for! We felt like we were being punished for buying a lemon from them. We only owned it for a month at this point and the amount financed on the camper we picked had increased almost $20,000. We were furious. Just know this, advocate for yourself. Don't go in there and scream and cuss. That's not going to get you anywhere. Trust me, we wanted to, but these are people who really do want to help. The sales manager really was trying to help but that was not going to cut it. We ended up meeting with the GM WHO WAS FANTASTIC! I felt like he was a straight shooter and was determined to turn this around and help us out. And help us out he did!!! We found a Crossroads Volante and fell in love with it. They shipped it from Ohio and spent extra time cleaning and prepping it because they did not want us to have another bad experience. From the sales lady to the sales manager, to the GM to the finance dept. They all went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and completely satisfied. Look RVs suck, they have a lot of problems from the Manufacturer. It’s not like these salesmen are knowingly selling lemon campers. Camping World has a bad reputation, and I can tell you, they are doing everything they can to turn that around. So yes, I would recommend giving them a chance. We love our new camper! "
3 days ago
"Excelente servicio todo estuvo bien con mi sales person Gerson buen trato y muy amable "