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"UNPROFESSIONAL! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Sold a vehicle out from under us while waiting on paperwork! Not one salesman or manager apologized for what happened. A salesman said “This is how it is now with Covid. We sell out vehicles from underneath each other.” The manager didn’t come out to apologize or help to see if he could find another vehicle. When he finally came out of his office we were leaving and dismissed us with his hands. That is the person you have running your business?? FYI— I am not a person to leave a terrible review, but when it is this unprofessional and horrible customer service, people need to know."
"How old is it past three or four decades Chrysler Dodge of the best-looking Servicing Craigslist cars in the town in which I live even one I would take one and go out of town and the ladies in the lot like them a lot more than the others however once again you could sell so many more if you would make out of a t-top a convertible and if the price was brought down by 15 to 20% as long as I am able for the rest of my life the statue of Fort Worth I will buy another Dodge or killing the FaceTime for the comeback can a retired person from law enforcement for 40 years I doubt if I ever will be able to get another one I wish I could put on Just Dance there are complications as well as other reasons why people choose not kind of high quality vehicles within the grasp of those who work for their family thank you I am very great grateful"