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"Great team! Second buy, even better experience thank you Pete and Shanon! I will be back for the upgrade."
"Worst Experience in buying a vehicle EVER, will NEVER purchase anything from Dennis Dillon again.. Hands down will go back to Dave Smith in Kellogg Idaho over Dennis Dillon ANYDAY... at least when you buy a Vehicle from Dave Smith the price and financing offered don't change at the last minute. When Dennis Dillon says they will give you 2000.00 off the price to go with there perfered financing.. but then LIE when the buyer qualifies for better terms... they take away the discount and OH WELL... For a person with perfect credit and the means to pay cash they tried to offer 6.19% interest to a buyer who qualified for 3.9% through the vehicle manufacturer....just to take away the 2k discount..to cost you as the buyer another 6k in financing charges...BUT WAIT you can refinance at a higher interest rate after 7 months per Dennis Dillon at used Vehical rate.. so they( Dennis Dillon) get their money but .. never mind the buyer who accumulate the additional fee's and changes.... as a buyer who in their right mind would pay double the interest just to save the Dealership MONEY.... Dennis Dillon lied and is giving false information to Consumers who are looking to spend hard earned money on a vehicle. This was the worst experience ever to be had.. and we have purchased alot of Vehicle's ... in addition to the lies on price and financing the Vehicle was never Inspected or PDI after arriving from the manufacturer..leaving scratches, dents and defects on a brand new $90,000.00 RAM 3500.... Knowing that we as the buyers would be arriving .. and still did nothing... Now we have to have paint corrections and body work done on a BRAND NEW VEHICLE..... STEER CLEAR Consumers.... THEY LIE....."