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"It has been an absolutely awful experience. I ordered a car which was shown available on a Sunday morning. The order was confirmed. I was asked to provide all my personal information , license copy and picture through their mobile app. I also signed all the necessary documents and paid few 1000s in advance using my credit card. Once the sale was made I called up couple of my people who were interested in buying my car and negotiated a deal. After all this, Driveway came back to me and told that the car is not available for sale. I sent 6 emails to and asking for an explanation. I have received no reply for more than 3 days. This is absolutely pathetic way for doing business. After cancelling my plans on Sunday and spending 6 hours in buying the car, no explanation whatsoever has been provided when I contacted by email. The money that I paid is yet to be refunded. The salesman who worked with me said it will be refunded in 5 days and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was promised that a manager will call me and deal with my issue when I called their call center . However I have not received a call even after 3 days. This is absolutely pathetic and will never deal with them ever again. Please be warned."
"Recibí un excelente servicio de Juan arana me voy supremamente satisfecha y feliz con mi carro "