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"Feel all my needs for a new car were met. Staff is very knowledgeable & very professional."
"Took a Sedona in for a oil change before a road trip to spread ashes of loved ones only to have the drain plug fall off 700 miles into our trip that led to a blown motor. Update August 16th. We'll on the 12th finally was able to speak with the Service director about the situation and he sent up the documents to their insurance company supposedly and then told me the General Manager basically said he will not do anything regarding their negligence. Here are some pictures that were taken .The one with the missing drainplug was taken right infront of us by the Firestone technician that our Insurance company told us to tow it to. The tow truck driver dumped it off and because they were pretty busy they do not do motors anyway he just took a look at it and within a minute knew what the problem was. He asked who changed the oil last because who ever did would be at fault he claimed because there was no way or shape that after 700 miles a drainplug just falls out after a oil change .Towbin Kia basically is saying after a inspection done by them that the inspection that has no recommendation for additional service because this van was serviced on time only at their service shop means nothing. My inlaws would only do their service here no matter what. So after getting rejected I have decided to go on any social media ,BBB,I'll search for options and maybe even file small claims . A perfectly running van blew up because of them doing a oil change . .Please for the sake of your hard earned money take your Kia to Findlay Kia ..Findlay is a very reputable company. Not saying Towbin is all bad but their Kia dealer is SHADY..I am going going to spend a lot of time making sure anyone I know stays away from Towbin Kia. ."